Our core business in the manufacture, support through logistical backup and technical assistance of all Garrett Allied Signal (now Honeywell) GTCP series turbines in airstart or industrial fitments.

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We provide a wide range of both prime and secondary services. Our UK facility is equipped with the latest state of the art technology, and taken in conjunction with the high degree of skilled personnel, we are well placed to provide a service second to none.

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Aviation Turbine Services is a one-stop facility for all your airstart hoses and accessories, whether it be for turbine or diesel units. 

"Unlike many suppliers in the UK who might make a customer wait two or three months for delivery, our airstart units can be on site very quickly in an emergency. 
"Let me give you an example. One large UK airport faced such an emergency not so long ago. They had a Global Express aircraft departing at 9 the next morning and needed airstart support urgently. We were able to deliver in a matter of hours. In fact, we fast-towed the unit down and arrived at 6PM that evening. Management were delighted — and not a little relieved. I can say that no one else in the country is doing what we do, no one can move as fast as us.
"If an airport or airport services company experiences a failure with their airstart unit it is a serious business. Such an issue will immediate become a priority because aircraft are unable to start without such support, and airports must be able to offer a service 24/7. 
"When there is an immediate need for air start services we can help faster than any other supplier. A hire might take days. We have turbine units good to go. We can often deliver the next day. So speed to market and speed of recovery is one of our USPs, alongside the quality of engineering we offer, along with our vast experience."

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Unrivalled aviation turbine services. Airlines, airports and air service companies across the UK and abroad rely on our airstart units, services and technology. Don't start without us!

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